In early 2017, I was so depressed by the Trump election that I felt a need

to express myself in writing. I had heard that the Ukiah Daily Journal, my local paper,

was looking for content, so I started submitting opinion pieces to them,

writing from a non-dual perspective, commenting of issues of the day.

To my surprise, they continue to publish these.

I present them below in the order written.

Beginning in 2018, all my articles are now on a blog.

Bottom Line 21Mar17

Capitalism Is A Natural Force 28Mar17

Corporate Zombies 13Apr17

Gratitude As Radical Political Action 21May17

When America Was Great Before 4Jun17

Watching The World Burn 18Jun17

The Other Problem With Oil 2Jul17

Learning Lessons From Life 16Jul17

Shifting From Exclusion To Inclusion 30Jul17

Wave Particle Duality 17Aug17

Holistic Thinking About A Local Problem 27Aug17

Water, Water Everywhere 24Sep17

War Is Suicide 1Oct17

The Nuclear Issue 22Oct17

The Stories We Tell Ourselves 19Nov17

American Exceptionalism 7Dec17

Blessing the Rain 13Dec17