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The material reality of space-time is a four dimensional surface within a higher dimensional volume.

Consciousness is a quality of the volume, rather than the surface.

Intention (focused consciousness) is a causative force, which shapes material reality.

I have built models all my life. Philosophies are models within the mind. Material ambition has never been a large part of my life, but the ambition to KNOW has been a driving force within me. I have an omnivorous interest in process and relationships, and seek a perspective to view and understand the world that unfolds around me. Over time, I have understood that the core of my quest falls within the domain of Philosophy of Science. In particular, I am fascinated by the implications of the development of quantum mechanics in physics.

It is my opinion that access to the power that resides in this new understanding of the physical world is forcing humanity to grow up and mature to another level of existence. The old physics, Newtonian mechanics, describes a world of separate parts, that interact only by contact or proximity, and has no place for consciousness. Quantum mechanics is a description of a resonant world, profoundly interconnected, that has consciousness solidly at the core of experience.

Earlier writings 1981-2002

Ukiah Daily Journal from 2017