Crispin's Beard


  circa 1952

June, 1964

Graduation from Crawford HS, San Diego, Calif.


June, 1968

BA in Mechanical Engineering from First undergraduate class of University of California, San Diego.


September, 1970

First passport photo.

San Diego, Calif.


Fall, 1973

Carpenter in Mendocino, Calif.


Spring, 1974

Mendocino, Calif.


Spring, 1981

Mendocino Woodworkers Association show, Mendocino, Calif.


Spring, 1986

Book Loft, Mendoinco, Calif.


Spring, 1988

44890 Gordon Lane, Mendocino, Calif


circa late 1980's

San Diego, Calif.


circa early 1990's

Passport photo


June, 2000

Garden Railroad Society National Convention, San Diego, CA


June, 2003

San Diego, CA.


Halloween, 2011

Port Townsend, WA


January, 2024

Ukiah, CA